59th Annual Bergmann Memorial Seminar – “Surface Coatings and Technologies”

Dr. Sridharan was selected as the keynote speaker for the 59th Annual Bergmann Memorial Seminar hosted by the Milwaukee Chapter of ASM International. The seminar topic was “Surface Coatings and Technologies.”

Throughout many industries, engineers are challenged with developing innovative material solutions and processes for extending component life and performance while still being cost effective. Harsh environments and operating conditions can cause the surfaces of components to degrade overtime due to wear, corrosion, and fatigue. Component performance and life can be drastically improved through the proper selection of materials and utilization of surface engineering technologies.

In the full day, 59th Annual H.R. Bergmann Memorial Seminar, our presenters will share their expertise on surface engineering technologies and coatings for various applications. Topics covered will include thermal spray coatings and processes, cold spray coatings, PVD coatings, DLC coatings, surface modifications with lasers, boriding, surface characterization, and more. The topics and presentations are geared towards engineers and technologists in design,manufacturing, product development, R&D, and quality control fields

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