Group Alumni

Staff Scientists & Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Dr. Li He (2016-2019) – Irradiation effects in materials; Staff Scientist – UW-Madison, (co-advised with Couet)

Dr. Hangjin Jo (2015-2019) – Modeling of emissivity in reactor materials, effect of coatings on heat transfer; Assistant Professor – Postech University, S. Korea

Prof. Kaiyi Shi (2017-2018) – Ion irradiation of materials; Assistant Professor – Liupanshui Normal University, Liupanshui, China

Dr. Beata Tyburska-Pueschel (2013-2016) – Radiation effects in materials and ion beam laboratory facility (co-advised with Szlufarksa and Allen); Scientist – German Aerospace Center: Institute of Materials Physics in Space, Köln, Germany

Dr. Guoping Cao (2007-2016) – Corrosion in molten salts and supercritical carbon-dioxide, emissivity of high temperature gas-cooled reactor materials, plasma-based ion implantation (co-advised with Allen); Scientist – Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

Dr. Dave Grierson (2015) –  Nanomaterials; Visiting Scientist – UW-Madison

Dr. Lingfeng He (2011-2014) – Corrosion in supercritical carbon-dioxide and water (co-advised with Allen); Scientist – Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID

Dr. Bin Leng (2012-2014) – Corrosion in supercritical carbon-dioxide, fission product diffusion in TRISO fuels; Assistant Professor – Shanghai Inst of Applied Physics, China

Dr. Vahid Firouzdor (2010-2012) – Coatings for mitigation of fuel clad chemical interactions; Engineer – Applied Materials Corp., Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Luke Olson (2010-2011) – Molten salt electrochemistry for used fuel pyroprocessing; Scientist – Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, SC

Dr. Peng Xu (2009-2011) – Corrosion of Ni-based alloys, grain boundary engineering (co-advised with Allen); Principal Engineer – Westinghouse Electric Company, Columbia, SC

Dr. Lizhen Tan (2006-2010) – Grain boundary engineering, corrosion in supercritical water (co-advised with Allen); Scientist – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN

Dr. Yun Chen (2004-2007) – Corrosion in supercritical water, plasma-based ion implantation/thin film deposition (co-advised with Allen); Scientist – National Energy Technology Laboratory, Morgantown, WVA

Doctoral Students

Kyle Quillin (2018-2024) – PVD coatings for accident tolerant fuel; R&D – Fisher Barton, Watertown, WI

Seong Gyu (2023) – Compositionally graded nuclear materials; PhD – POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea

Ben Maier (2015-2019) – Cr cold spray coatings for accident tolerant fuel; Engineer – Westinghouse Corp., Pittsburgh, PA

Gabriel Meric de Bellefon (2014-2018) – Irradiation effects in 316 stainless steel (co-advised with Blanchard); Engineer – Kairos Power, LLC, San Francisco, CA 

Jacob Mahaffey (2013-2018) – Corrosion of materials in supercritical carbon-dioxide for Brayton cycle applications (co-advised with Anderson); Engineer – Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Alexander Mairov (2011-2016) – Irradiation-induced film-substrate interface mixing; Engineer – Applied Materials Corp., Santa Clara, CA

Sam Briggs (2011-2016) – Irradiation effects in FeCrAl alloys; Assistant Professor – Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Brian Kelleher (2010-2015) – Molten salt purification (co-advised with Anderson); Engineer – TerraPower Corp., Seattle, WA

Guiqiu Zheng (2009-2015) – Molten salt corrosion for development of molten salt reactor; Staff Scientist – MIT’s nuclear reactor laboratory, Boston, MA

Laura Jamison (2008-2014) – Irradiation effects in silicon-carbide (co-advised with Szlufarkska); Scientist – Argonne National Laboratory, LeMont, IL

Tyler Gerczak (2009-2013) – Diffusion of silver through silicon-carbide (co-advised with Szlufarska and Allen); Scientist – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

William Nollet (2009-2013) – Corrosion of sensor materials for liquid sodium (co-advised with Anderson); Assistant Professor – Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

Jianchao He (2010-2013) – Irradiation effects in ODS steels (co-advised with Allen)

Christopher Torres (2008-2011) – Ion implantation of micro-tools (co-advised with Pfefferkorn); Senior Mechanical Engineer, ASM Semiconductors, Phoenix, AZ

James Ambrosek (2005-2011) – Heat transfer and corrosion in molten salts (co-advised with Anderson and Allen); Engineer – Woodward Governor, Fort Collins, CO

Luke Olson (2005-2010) – Corrosion of materials in molten fluoride salt environments (co-advised with Allen); Scientist – Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, SC

Xiaowei Ren (2005-2009) – Effect of shot peening on corrosion resistance of steels in supercritical water (co-advised with Allen); Materials Engineer – Ablemarle Corp, Baton Rouge, LA

Lizhen Tan (1999-2003) – Plasma source ion implantation of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys (co-advised with Crone); Scientist – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

Erik Wilson (1998-2001) – Development of plasma-based deposition of thin film diffusion barriers for Cu-Si interconnects in microelectronics; Scientist – Argonne National Laboratory, LeMont, IL

Moon Chun (1995-1998) – Effect of ion dose rate on amorphization of Si; (co-advised with Breun, Malik, and Conrad); Co-Founder and chief Technical Officer – Nuvosil, Santa Clara, CA

Master’s Students

JP Lacy (2021-2023) – Effects of different peening methods on dry cask storage welds; Researcher – EPRI, Charlotte, NC

Nick Pocquette (2019-2021) – Nickel and stainless steel coatings and corrosion prevention for dry cask storage; Engineer – Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, PA

Mia Lenling (2018-2020) – Manufacturing free-standing ODS steel cladding tubes using cold spray deposition; Quality Manager – Plastic Ingenuity, Cross Plains, WI

Valentin Pauly (2017-2019) – High temperature tribology of alloys 800H and 617 in  helium environments for high temperature gas-cooled reactors; PhD Student – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Greg Johnson (2016-2019) – Dual-layer cold spray coatings for accident tolerant fuel cladding; Reliability Engineer – Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN

Thomas Chrobak (2015-2018) – Corrosion of materials in molten salt for molten salt reactor applications; Engineer – Fort Motor Company, Detroit, MI

Cody Lockhart (2016-2017) – Development of slurry-based coating deposition processes; Engineer Nexceris, LLC, Columbus, OH

Muhammet Arik (2015-2017) – Corrosion of ferritic steels in supercritical carbon-dioxide; Engineer –National Boron Research Institute, Ankara, Turkey

Jon King (2015-2016) – Emissivity of reactor materials – Engineer – Jensen Hughes, Chicago

David Adam (2014-2016) – Corrosion in supercritical carbon-dioxide; PhD graduate student in Medical Physics, UW-Madison

Kieran Dolan (2014-2015) – Molten salt electrochemistry for the development of molten salt reactor; PhD graduate student at MIT

Adam Rienecke (2013-2015) – Radiation stability of UN, U-Si fuels

Kolton Urso (2013-2014) – Corrosion of uranium-dioxide; Engineer – Exelon Corp., Chicago, IL

Brandon Semerau (2012-2014) – Corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in dry cask used fuel storage canisters; Engineer – Semiconductor Tooling Services, San Jose, CA

Jacob Sager (2012-2013) – Molten salt electrochemistry; Reactor Operations Engineer – Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp., W. Milton, New York

Paul Roman (2012-2013) – Corrosion of materials in high temperature supercritical carbon dioxide environment; Product Development Engineer –Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

Sean Martin (2011-2013) – Molten chloride salt electrochemistry for spent fuel pyroprocessing; Engineer – Exelon Corp., Minneapolis, MN

James Brechtl (2011-2012) – Electrophoretic deposition of coatings to mitigate fuel-cladding reactions; PhD graduate student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Lucas Wilson (2010-2012) – Electrophoretic deposition of diffusion barrier coatings to mitigate fuel clad chemical interactions; Nuclear Engineer – Bechtel Corp., Niskayuna, NY

Steve Sellers (2010-2012) – Corrosion in molten salts (co-advised with Anderson and Allen); Senior Reliability Engineer – Google Corp., San Francisco, CA,

Jacob Jelinek (2010-2012) – Corrosion of materials in high temperature supercritical carbon dioxide environment (co-advised with Anderson and Allen); Project Engineer – Milwaukee Valve, Prairie du Sac, WI

Liang Zhao (2011) – Corrosion of Alloy 690 (co-advised with Allen); Evaluator – Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, Atlanta, GA

Mehran Mohammadian (2009-2011) – Molten salt pyrochemical processing; Engineer – Sargent and Lundy, Chicago, IL

Gary Stange (2009-2011) – Nanofluid for critical heat flux enhancement (co-advised with Corradini); Foreign Affairs Specialist – National Nuclear Security Administration, Washington DC

Scott Weber (2007-2010) – Effect of coatings on spectral emissivity of nuclear reactor materials (co-advised with Anderson and Allen); Engineer – Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM

Tamara Melaney (2007-2009) – Measurements of high temperature spectral emissivity of reactor materials and modeling (co-advised with Anderson and Allen); Systems Engineer – Monticello, Minnesota

McLean Machut (2006-2007) – Corrosion in molten lead environments (co-advised with Allen); Engineer –Framatome Corp., Lynchburg, VA

Chris Putre (2006) – Fire-side corrosion of materials in supercritical water coal power plants (co-advised with Allen); Pilot – U.S. Air force

Andrew Zillmer (2003-2004) – Long-term corrosion of materials in supercritical water environment; Program Manager – Aerojet Rocketdyne Corp., Sacramento, CA

Brian Stout (1997-1998) – Plasma-assisted deposition of diamond-like-carbon films (co-advised with Conrad and Breun), Associate Dean – Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI

Undergraduate Students

Ella Mueller (2022-2024)

Laura Stern (2022-2024)

Andrew Widlarz (2022-2023)

Matthew Roberts (2021-2022)

Xinwu Liu (2021-2022)

Will Bowman (2020-2022)

Kasey Depoy (2020-2022)

Nicole Fessler (2019-2021)

Vishnu Ramasawmy (2019-2021)

Alex Budke (2019-2021) – Research and Development Engineering – Amcor, Madison, WI

Lane Meddaugh  (2019-2021)

Rogelio Ramirez Frias (2019-2020) – Materials Engineer – American Roller, Milwaukee, WI

Joseph Kern (2017-2020) – Graduate Student – Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Makenna Hall (2019) – MSE student, UW-Madison

Malcolm Clark (2018-2019)

Abigail Pratt (2018-2019)

Maureen Duthie (2018-2019)

Grant Rupkalvis (2018-2019) – MSE student, UW-Madison

Samantha Joers (2017-2018) – Prof. Mike Arnold’s group, MSE student, UW-Madison

Carter Tesch (2017-2018) – Engineer – GKN Sinter Metals, Auburn Hills, MI

Bhariav Chandrashekar (2017-2018) – TPM Engineer – Ecolab, Princeton, NJ

Eric Udelhoven (2017-2018) – Associate Training Professional – KBRwyle, Dayton, OH

Payton Scallon (2016-2018) – Engineer – Oshkosh Trucks, Oshkosh, WI

Soham Shah (2016-2018) – Master’s student, UW-Madison School of Business

Kyle Blomstrand (2015-2018) – Engineer – Framatome Corp., Portland, OR

Steven Fronek (2015-2018) – Process Engineer – Anderson Windows, Minneapolis, MN

Elliot Strand (2016-2017) – Prof. Xudong Wang’s group, MS&E, UW-Madison

Jorie Walters (2016-2017) – Engineer ­– Westinghouse Corp.

Calvin Parkin (2015-2016) – Prof.  Adrien Couet’s group, EP, UW-Madison

Jennifer Porto (2015-2016) – Engineer – IBM Corp., Rochester, MN

Megan Gunderson (2013-2016) – Structural Engineer – Norco Manufacturing, Franksville, WI

Kelsey Amundson (2013-2016) – Graduate student at Univ. California, Berkeley

Mckinleigh McCabe (2015-2016) – Instrumentation Engineer – Sargent & Lundy, Wilmington, Delaware

Joshua Mueller (2014-2015) – PhD student, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Dylan Clark (2013-2015) – Metallurgist – Keystone Steel & Wire, Cloquet, Minnesota 

Elliot Busta (2013-2015) – Associate Product Design Engineer – Gentex Corporation, Grand Rapids, MI

Nithish Dharmar (2014-2015) – Technical Engineer – Federal-Mogul Powertrain, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Thomas Chrobak (2013-2015) – Engineer – Ford Motor Company, Detroit, MI

Dj Devan (2012-2015) – Engineer – Anderson Windows, Minneapolis, MN

Joshua Grefe (2013-2014)

Soham Banerjee (2012-2013) – PCC Structurals, Portland, OR

Jacob Sager (2011-2012) – Reactor Operations Engineer – Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp., W. Milton, New York

Brandon Semerau (2010-2012) – Engineer – Semiconductor Tooling Services, San Jose, CA

Michael Adashek (2010-2012) – Engineer – Caterpillar Corp., Peoria, IL

Ben Hauch (2008-2011)

Graham Bradford (2008-2009) – Engineer – Shell Global, Houston, TX

Stuart Slattery (2007-2009) – Scientist – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jesse Gudmundson (2005-2009) – Hull Maintenance Technologist – US Navy Reserve, Madison, WI

Stephanie Kuhn (2006-2007)

Adam Leistikow (2006-2007) – Area Product Sales Manager – Keyence, Minneapolis, MN

Dustin Jacqmin (2005-2007) – Assistant Professor of Human Oncology – UW-Madison

Ankita Bhutani (2006) – PhD student, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Cecile Pister (2006) – Industrial Project Management Engineer – Euro Cryospace, Paris, France

Ryan Kamps (2006) – Technical Sales Manager – Fusion Babbitting, Milwaukee, WI

Jeremy Koth (2004-2005) – Product Development Engineer – Federal Mogul, Waupun, WI

Jason Bares (2003-2004) – Engineer – Borgwarner, Auburn Hills, MI

Alissa Johnson (2003-2004) – Project Manager – Connected eMobility at BMW of North America, LLC

Scott Harrington (2002-2004) – Sun Power Corp., San Francisco, CA

Andrea Leventis (2002) – Quality Engineer – US Steel, Chicago, IL

Jeffery Vanlangeddon (2001-2002)

Dan Gianola (1999-2002) – Associate Professor of MS&E – Univ. of California, Santa Barbara

James Diebel (1998-2000) – President – Cedar Lake Ventures, Excelsior, MN

John Hockers (1995-1997) – Wells-Fargo Asset Management, Milwaukee, WI

Nat Horswill (1993-1994) – Project Manager – ATI Forged Products, Milwaukee, WI

Nick Latona (1992-1993) – Materials Engineer – USDA-ARS, Philadelphia, PA

Kevin Schmidt (1993)

Amalia Brooks (1991-19992) – Faculty – Pasco-Hernando State College, Richey, FL

Ann Redsten ( 1990-1991) – Owns her own investment company Jansen and Associates, LLC